Wednesday, May 9, 2012


What is common in Matrix, Avatar and Bhagwat Gita? These three describe the concept of world being the subjective reality and not objective. To put it into simple words, every individual creates his own world which is based on his prejudices, dreams and beliefs. It is like creating a virtual image in which everything exists and behave according to our imagination. The data for this image is provided through the five senses. This world which we create is Brahmanda (Brahma’s world) making each of us a Brahma. This also justifies the Vedic maxim aham brahmasmi.

Now try to find the similarity among these three quotes:

“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” – The Alchemist
“We create our lives, with every thought every minute of every day.” – The Secret
"like attracts like" – The Law Of Attraction

Above three quotes refer to single idea that our thoughts becomes real and whatever we think positive or negative, pleasure or pain turns into reality because these thoughts creates our world. Each of us have our own Brahmanda and when these Brahmanda clashes creates war, fight, jealousy and delusion (Maya) which confuse us and force us to think that someone else is driving our world. Our Brahmanda is divided into three main parts – Who we are? (Me), what we have? (Mine) and what is not ours? (Others). Others include every other individual which is in our world.
If we are secure and are free of all the fears and only concentrate on ‘Me’ without being worried about ‘Mine’ and ‘Others’, we can come over the stage of being Brahma and take the journey of becoming Shiva which passes through the stage of being Vishnu.
This also answers one of the very famous questions in Indian mythology that Why Brahma is not or rarely worshiped being the creator? Answer to this question is that Brahma is a creator who created desire, delusion, pain, pleasure, competition etc along with the world. Now you ask yourself this question that whether you would worship one who created desires and delusion or one who destroys them (Shiva and Vishnu)?
So think positive and create your own beautiful world without being impacted by others.

Note – According to Hindu mythology there are many stories which state the reason for Brahma not being worshipped. One of those is that Brahma was punished by Shiva for lusting on her own daughter Saraswati. Shiva cut his fifth head and cursed him that Brahma will go without worship.
Another one says that Shiva cursed Brahma when he lied for his ego.
In this article I have tried to explain the symbolical meaning of these stories/myths.

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